Safe and sustainable toilets

URIDISTM is a patented technology that offers a solution to the common problems of toilet usage today. It is a closet-sized treatment technology with dual functionality: it takes the valuable components from urine (phosphorus, nitrogen and salt) and pre-treats water to disinfecting flush water for your toilets.

Reduce the operational costs of your toilets

  • Save water with every flush, use pretreated flush water
  • Save on cleaning and maintenance costs, let every flush clean the toilet for you
  • Reduce your water treatment costs, remove the nutrients from your toilet water

Solve the number one issue of public toilets: hygiene

  • URIDIS generates disinfecting flush water using the salt naturally present in urine
  • Eliminate the spread of pathogens (bacteria and viruses) in your toilets
  • Avoid bad urinal smell generated by microbial activity

Make your building more sustainable

  • Reduce water consumption: toilets consume up to 2/3 of the water in non-residential buildings, while 85% of toilet visits is for urination. Source separating toilets connected to URIDIS allow substantial reductions in flush volume
  • Re-use water in your building: re-use greywater or rainwater are ideal for toilet flushing, but require disinfection for safe and qualitative use. Our electrochemical disinfection is ideally suited to deliver qualitative flush water, without storage and supply of chemicals in your building
  • Reduce wastewater load: urine contains 80% of the nutrients of wastewater in only 1% of the volume. Separate collection of urine substantially facilitates nutrient recovery

Technical requirements:

  • 230 V connection
  • space in utility room/basement: 1,8*1*0,7 m closet (h*w*d), 2 m³ urine buffer tank, 5 m³ water tank
  • separate urine piping (approx. €5/m in new buildings)
  • recommended use of source separating toilet, to maximize nutrient recovery

The space heritage

The core of the URIDIS technology was developed within the MELiSSA POMP program. The Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (MELiSSA) is an initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA) with the aim to develop the technology for a future regenerative life support system for long term human space missions. Urine is an important human waste stream, and its treatment for recovery of water and nutrients, and remediation of contaminants, is crucial in a closed-loop life support system.

MELiSSA and ESA are valued supporters in the development of spatial technology into terrestrial applications.

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