ELECTRODIS in the spotlight at the Vlakwa Culinary innovation walk


On November 17th, we presented our Vlakwa Open Call 2020 project ‘ELECTRODIS’ at the Vlakwa Culinary innovation walk in Kortrijk. In the ELECTRODIS project, HYDROHM and EKOPAK developed and evaluated an innovative technology to replace the use of chemicals for the cleaning and protection of water treatment membranes, by on-site electrochemical upgrading of RO-concentrate, which is currently a waste stream.

More information can be found on the VLAKWA website.

URIDIS presentation at Leiepoort in Deinze


On November 14th and 15th, we have presented the exciting topic of life support in space and how we developed the URIDIS technology for this at campus Sint Hendrik (Leiepoort) in Deinze to all students going from year 1 till 6. It was an exciting experience to reach hundreds of students and see their interest. The students had overall dozens of questions regarding the topic and their understanding of how URIDIS works has created a lot of visits to the toilets connected to our system besides awareness that also on earth, water is a very precious resource that we need to preserve.

HYDROHM at MELiSSA conference in Toulouse


The MELiSSA community organised its international conference in Toulouse with over 250 attendees. HYDROHM has presented the URIDIS technology as well as the activities in the SaRY project to this audience which has attracted considerable attention. It is clear that separate urine treatment will play an important role in future manned spaceflight, enabling not only water recovery but also nutrient recycling and production of disinfectants to be used on board without needing additional chemical inputs.

Meet our new colleague, Lukas


We are very pleased to welcome our new colleague, Lukas Willems. Lukas graduated as bio-science engineer at Ghent University in 2022. He did his master thesis in collaboration with HYDROHM and PureBlue. At HYDROHM, Lukas will work as a project engineer.

Welcome to our new office in Nazareth


In September, we moved to our new office: Hauwenhauwstraat 2B, 9810 Nazareth, where we have plenty of space to construct and operate pilot skids to demonstrate our electrochemical technologies.

Case-study report by about URIDIS


Read more about our URIDIS technology in the case study report on socio-economic benefits from ESA Technology Transfers, made by for ESA.

Discover the new locations of The Place to Pee


For the coming months, our two URIDIS pilots will be installed at two schools: campus Sint Hendrik (Leiepoort) in Deinze and College O.-L.-V.-ten Doorn in Eeklo.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet mentions HYDROHM technology on board the International Space Station


Did you know that our URIDIS technology was initially developed for deep-space exploration missions? Watch the video with astronaut Thomas Pesquet explaining how space research is used to improve the quality of life every day on our Planet.

Discover our new Place to Pee!


For the coming months, you will find The Place to Pee at the Ghent University campus ‘Sterre’ (Krijgslaan 281 S4-S5, Ghent). Come visit us and pee happy!

Welcome, Max!


The Hydrohm team happily welcomes a new team member, Max Sabbe. Max is bioengineer and will work as project engineer with a focus on the URIDIS technology. His first day was also our first day in our new office at Capture!

Hydrohm and PureBlue water collaborate on CrossRoads2-project


Hydrohm and Pureblue Water team up in a CrossRoads2 Sustainable Energy project. This is a project within the European program Interreg Flanders-Netherlands and aims at stimulating collaborations between SMEs in Flanders and the Netherlands. Together, we will develop an electrochemical hydrolysis technology that enables cost-effective and energy-neutral decentralised water treatment. Furthermore, our technology creates the opportunity to upcycle the organic stream through fermentation, which can result in the production of valuable products such as bioplastics. We look forward to this collaboration! Discover more by clicking this link:

More information can be found on the website.

Hydrohm joins SaRY project of the European Space Agency


QinetiQ is proud to announce the start of the SaRY activity (Salinity Reduction of Yellow Waters), in the frame of the MELISSA project of the European Space Agency.

This activity started on September 1 and will be performed together with the partner companies Hydrohm and Firmus France.

A step further in water resource optimization and nutrient recovery, in space as on Earth!”

The Guardian discovers Hydrohm’s Peecycling technology


“We can’t stop producing waste. It’s the only resource that increases with population. Projects like A Place to Pee are a way to make the most of it.”

Click here to discover our overseas adventure!.

URIDIS demonstration project: The Place to Pee


On July 6th, the ‘Place to Pee’ was officially opened. The Place to Pee is the first demonstration of the URIDIS technology at full scale. It is placed on the recreational domain ‘De Blaarmeersen’ in Gent (Strandlaan 24, BE9000- Gent), and will be operational from July until the end of September. A public toilet container which accommodates 2 urinals and 3 source separating toilets (Save! toilet from Laufen) is connected to the URIDIS system. The system treats urine locally: it recovers the nutrients and produces disinfecting flush water for the toilets. You can visit the demonstration unit and contribute with your ‘donation’ in the toilet container. We thank our partners Stad Gent, Farys, Laufen and Spraying Systems Co. for their support in this project!

More information can be found here:

Start of the Electrodis project:
chemical-free membrane technology for water purification and reuse


Hydrohm will work together with Ekopak in the framework of Electrodis, an open-call project by Vlakwa (Vlaams Kenniscentrum Water) and POM West-Vlaanderen. Electrodis aims to replace the use of chemicals for the cleaning and protection of water treatment membranes, by on-site electrochemical upgrading of RO-concentrate, which is currently a waste stream.

More information can be found on the VLAKWA website.


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